Art at Camp Victor

Friday afternoon, since we got done a little early, I took some time to photograph the murals all over the front of Camp Victor. Enjoy!

First, the interior artwork: many (probably most) of the groups who have passed through Camp Victor since it opened last summer have left their mark on the walls by way of some sort of artwork/signatures/quotations. This is only one of 3 fully painted hallways. Hanging from the ceilings in all the hallways and in the mess hall are T-shirts which the groups have brought, decorated and signed. (Note to self for next trip: we should bring one from Trinity.)

Hallway artworkSW PA mural

Now, the exterior artwork, which is really wonderful! Ocean Springs is in large part an artist's community, and several local artists were commissioned to decorate the outside of the block wall building housing Camp Victor. It's truly a beautiful landmark building in the town now!

Here are all the murals in the order they're displayed, so you can (sort of) get an idea of how the building looks from the street:


Mural 6 - Cody GriffMural 5Mural 4 - Cary RoyLeft entrance panelFront entranceRight entrance panelMural 2 - Joely CorbanMural 3 - Vince Palmer

Mouse-over or click on each photo to see the artist's name. Unfortunately I couldn't find the names of the artists who did the mural around the front entrance and the one with the "Kat5" in the middle…

Here are some details from the various murals, the parts I especially liked:

Left entrance panel detailMural 5 detailMural 3 detailMural 3 detail2Front entrance pillar


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2 thoughts on “Art at Camp Victor

  1. I can tell you my grandmother Janet Gill did the black an white artwork on the outside of the building back in the 80s!

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