Vox Hunt: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Show us a souvenir from a memorable trip.

I love the Italian stovetop coffee maker Al's cousin Francesca gave us when we were in Italy in December 2005. We use it every weekend morning, along with the über-cute cappuccino mugs his 2nd cousin Pena gave us (because we admired a set Maria had). Our system is that Al gets the blue "Uffa" mug (blue for boys, so I don't have to think too hard), and I get the green "Ciao" mug. That way we know whose has the sugar in it (one guess whose that would be). There are 4 other mugs in the set, too, all with funny 3D faces and little Italian sayings inside. And another beauty of the coffee maker is that it can also come backpacking with us … espresso on the trail can't be beat :-)

The VoxHunt question asked about a memorable trip, which that truly was… Christmas with the huge extended family in a Calabrian mountaintop village, New Year's Eve in downtown Rome… food food food… someday maybe I'll write about it.

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