Camp Victor tour

As soon as we arrived at camp and unloaded our bags and stuff from the bus and into our new bunkbed "homes", we were given our name tags and wristbands, and then we were led on a tour of the camp building.


We saw the Distribution Center, where food and other essentials are still gathered in, packed up, and distributed to needy clients of the Camp. [Later Sunday night, we heard a story about a woman who told someone she thought Katrina was the best thing that ever happened, because the millionaire who lived down the street from her little shanty had lost his home just like she had, and was in line for food just like she was, and now they talk to each other as equals. I thought that was a really interesting perspective.]


Here is a small sampling of the T-shirts that hang in the hallways and dining hall at camp. We had heard about this before coming last year, but hadn't quite understood till we got here. So this year we did bring a shirt with the name of our church on it (from the Atlanta youth gathering), and at the end of the week, all six of us will sign it and hang it up for posterity.

Here's Fema the cat, staring at us with her one eye - see my post from last year here to see why they named her Fema…



And here's our home-away-from-home for the next week… well, that is, the guys are in one of the Men's bunk rooms.




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