Tuesday work

Today was "cereal day" for breakfast, which meant our choice of grits or oatmeal, plus cold cereals available. Of course, I chose grits, which I always do when I can get them – I like them with lots of butter & honey! Today Pastor Sandy and her gang decided to just make all the sandwiches with everything on them, and bagged them in bunches of 6 - so we took enough for our 19 people, plus bags they'd made of snacks, etc.

Before heading out, Al & Alex picked up some corner tape for mudding, and some corner trowels. They were going to be working in the bathroom and hallways, and needed some more specialized items – the supply guy gave them a little bit of a hard time about it, since (as we found at this house) some people were using corner tape for the straight joints, which really messes things up.

So here are pretty much just a bunch of photos of our day… rain was called for, but Miss Janie had told us yesterday it wouldn't rain, and by golly it didn't!

Entry hallWrapping bow windowPainting back porchSiding begins

The entryway crew ran into an electrical problem (which at one point involved some actual shocks and some rather un-church-like language, haha), so they had to remove some of the wrap material on the front porch to fix it.

Here are some of the kitchen cabinets we schlepped upstairs yesterday – still in boxes. It seems that there was some sort of major miscommunication or perhaps even disagreement between Mister Bob and Lowe's and Camp Victor, and in the end it's been decided that all the cabinets will go back, and they'll be re-ordered elsewhere. I'm not quite clear why.


More work… (we just keep moving along with our assignments). 

Back side paintedTrimming bow windowBathroom muddingCutting siding

Lunchtime… when you work hard, you've gotta relax hard!

Boat house & bayouWhats for lunchChillin

Back to work… Miss Janie came out onto the front porch as we were painting the railing, and told us how happy she was to have it nice and white again – it's her favorite porch (actually I think she referred to it as a balcony). I can see why, too, because it's the one that gets the morning sunshine coming up over the Gulf in the distance.

Painting back porch railFront porch rail doneJanis handiworkEntry drywall

I spent pretty much the whole day up on the extension ladder, painting porch railings front and back. I have dents in my thighs!

All throughout the day, Mister Bob wanders around from crew to crew, offering advice (some solicited, some not). Most of us were able to eventually gracefully get back to work, but at one point he cornered Al & Alex in the bathroom for 40 minutes. His cell phone went off several times, but he didn't hear (or ignored) it.


At one point, I saw a crane on the shore. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it's similar to the great blue herons we have at home, and it made a gronk-y noise like they do – but I think down south they're usually cranes.

Al developed a bad headache throughout the day, which then made him nauseous, and when he got on the 2nd van to come home, he said he feared he might not make it without being sick. So when the 2nd van wasn't back to camp yet when I went in for dinner, I was a little concerned! But it turned out that they just made a detour to WalMart for supplies, and also the little crew at the other house wasn't quite done yet. But still, it was a long ride home for part of our crew!

Dinner was spaghetti, with garlic toast, and green beans – it sure hit the spot!

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