Government Street Grocery

At breakfast this morning, I'd gotten an idea that I'd like a coffee-shop breakfast the next day, so I asked Nikki if she'd like to walk with me after dinner to the Mocha Moose (where we went last year) to check out when they open in the morning. So after dinner, we headed out for a little walk in the nice warm weather, only it turned out to be all of us but Alex, who was busy reading his book. Unfortunately, Al & I couldn't quite remember which little side street we'd turned up to get to it, so we spent a while wandering around up and down the back by-ways of Ocean Springs – we only had to bypass one police-blotter incident, so despite what the others might say, it wasn't all that scary (LOL).

We did eventually find it, not so easy in the pitch dark when the shop is closed – but they only opened at 7:00, so that wasn't early enough. Boo. So then we walked over to the main street and looked at the Mardi Gras windows in all the shops – much like Christmas windows, only more purple! All the shops were closed of course, but it was still fun to look.

Heading back up Government St to the camp, we passed a donut shop we'd heard people talk about, and the sign said they were re-opening tomorrow at 5:30 after being closed for vacation, and they had an espresso machine, so that sounds like a plan for breakfast.


Then we decided a beer would be nice, so we stopped at the Government Street Grocery, a restaurant/bar which we had seen before but hadn't yet visited. They have outdoor seating, so we grabbed a table and ordered some local beers from the Lazy Magnolia Brewing Co .


Al tried the Southern Pecan nut brown ale (twice), Nikki had the Lighthouse Pale Ale, but found it too hoppy for her taste. I tried the Indian Summer spiced wheat beer, which was quite yummy (two of those, too!). Bruce & Denise had hard ciders (not sure of the brand).





Had lots of fun discussing our trip so far – vibrating cell phones, delicious camp food, etc.

Another group from camp was also there – they told us there was a SWPA meeting at 9:00, but since that was in 3 minutes, we decided we might as well finish our beers instead, heh.

We didn't stay out too much longer though, since some of us hadn't gotten cleaned up yet after work. When we got back, the dining hall was in use, so I took the laptop into the TV lounge, where Pirates 3 was playing, and checked my email. Alex popped in at one point to say the SWPA meeting was now, but by the time I could break away, it was over – I guess we just missed some details about Friday, and also some crews were wrapping up on their houses, so there were some re-assignments which didn't apply to us. Then we watched the end of the Pens game on the computer, on Alex's CenterIce account, so that was nice! At 10:00 I turned the movie off with lights-out, but I stayed up working on the computer for a while longer. I apologize to the guys that I left the light on – I hadn't realized it shone into the men's dorm till I heard people mention it later.

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