Tatonut Shop

We didn't really come up with a plan last night to have breakfast at the donut shop, so I just went into the dining hall at 6:00 to wait for everyone else. Al was already in there, having not been able to sleep on account of his sinuses, so we sat together to wait. He said he heard we have to make our own lunches today because Pastor Sandy got too many complaints about her sandwiches. Oh well, no problem, so I put together a lunch. Everyone was all lined up for breakfast by 5 after 6, when one of the women who was helping cook announced that the Egg Bake would be about 15 more minutes, so they might as well go back and get their gear ready. I was afraid there would be a riot, lol!


Eventually, all of our group made it into the dining hall, and it ended up that only Nikki, Denise, and I felt like walking over for coffees. We told Dave we were going, but that we should be back in plenty of time to catch the van to work, especially with the regular breakfast being so late. The shop we went to is called the Tatonut Shop, which is because they use potato flour in their donuts (I asked). As it turns out, I see that it's a pretty well-known little place – it certainly was hoppin' at that time of morning on a Wednesday. It's a cool little building, and you can watch the donuts being made in the back. I had a cappuccino and an apple turnover, Nikki had a mocha latte and a "persian" (?), and I'm not sure what Denise had, but she had to buy some juice to make up the difference to allow her to use her debit card. It occurred to me that donuts for break-time would be nice, so I bought 2 dozen mixed to bring along to the jobsite. Unfortunately, they needed my ID to charge my credit card (?), and I didn't have it on me, so actually Denise bought the donuts - I'll buy another day. [The donuts really were VERY good, nice and light, even the cake donuts.] 

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