Thursday in a daze

Wow, when I woke up today I could barely move. Fever, chills, stabbing pains in my head. I was feeling perfectly fine even as late as 10:00 last night! I got up anyway and shuffled into the dining hall for some hot tea, which I drank in a semi-conscious state with my head in my hands. Breakfast was ready early this time, so I went up and got some "oatmeal bake" – it seemed like something I would probably like under different circumstances, but I was only able to take a few nibbles. I think lots of people were very solicitous of me during breakfast, but really I was pretty out of it. After taking an Advil and a cup of Vitamin C, I decided to still go to work though, figuring I would feel better if I got out and did something, and I could just choose something to do where I could take it easy.


I did help (slowly, with breaks) to start painting the living room walls a nice off-white shade. Miss Janie said she loved it!

After a bit, though, I took some more Advil and went and laid down in the van – I guess I napped because when Nikki woke me up it was lunchtime!

After lunch, I worked on painting and touching up the trim on the front porch, where Alex had caulked. That was something nice and slow and easy. At one point Miss Janie gave me a nice glass of iced tea, since she could see I wasn't feeling well. I must've done something else too, but I really can't recall what.

Here are some additional photos from today's work (others were busier than I was):

Starting entry sidingEntry drywall progressFront porch siding startedEntry at EODEntry siding EOD

Also, Al & Alex got the whole rest of the bathroom mudded, and a decision was made to re-drywall the ceiling, which had been left a patchwork mess by someone previously.


Here are Brian, Alex, and TL trying to coordinate the lowering of the scaffold for the day… it was a little like riverdance…

Denise ended up having to leave during the afternoon – her aunt had passed away that morning, and she was able to arrange a flight home from Mobile Friday morning, which meant someone had to drive her to the airport this afternoon. 😦

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2 thoughts on “Thursday in a daze

  1. I certainly hope you're feeling better. I admire your perseverance but hope you give yourself the time required to recuperate. Get some rest and thanks for the photos and updates. Nice!

  2. Thanks, I'm feeling pretty good now, other than still having trouble breathing – but I'm still catching up my posts from last week, that's when I was so sick. And I did then take a day off last Friday. (and I've been off of "real" work all this week)

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