Taranto’s Boiler

One of our household rules has always been that you can't play if you didn't work – meaning if you're too sick to go to school/work/whatever during the day, then you're too sick to play ball / go out / whatever later on. So since we'd been planning all week to go out to dinner tonight, I bravely (*snerk*) made it through the day so I could go out for some Gulf Coast seafood at Taranto's.


Good food again this year… plates piled high with crabs, boiled shrimp, etc. I only felt like a cup of gumbo, which I couldn't finish, but it was yummy!

Also had a good regional beer, Abita. You can tell I'm sick, 'cos I couldn't even finish one bottle.

TL and Frank came along with us, and Tom and his son Brian came in later so we pulled up chairs for them, too. I guess I mostly just sat there and held my head, so Nikki walked me home early. Bleah. I went right to bed pretty much.


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