Last day of work

Today when I woke up, I could see I wasn't feeling any better, and possibly worse, so I just stayed in bed. Nikki brought me hot tea and toast from the dining hall, and more Vitamin C packets to drink. It was kind of sad watching everyone go off to their work days, and I felt bad about not getting to say good-bye to Miss Janie & Mister Bob. Our group was planning to only work till 2:00, so they could be back in time for a service at 4:30, and then get all packed up to leave right after dinner. I figured I'd best try to get as well as I could before a 21-hour bus ride…  So I just laid in bed on my top bunk all day, not really sleeping, but just going in and out of a fever-ish haze – at one point I completely couldn't catch my breath – it was really very scary, but a very nice staff woman got me some water and ice once I finally was able to breathe.

So Nikki was assigned the task of today's photodocumentation:

Bathroom paintedMudding & siding entrySiding entryCleaning entryCleaning living roomFront porch sided

A final lunch in the boat house…

Final lunch 1Final lunch 2Final lunch 3Final lunch 4


Nikki got a good shot of the grassy marshes I mentioned before…



Some final puppy-time was enjoyed…





Nikki missed the shot because he moved too fast, but apparently Eddie said he'd always wanted to kiss a Southern Belle, and he grabbed Miss Janie and laid one on her! I gather she enjoyed it! [I think he's lucky he didn't get slapped…] 


The crew all signed a piece of house siding for Miss Janie to keep as a memento of the week…






Miss Janie gave everyone bunches of Mardi Gras beads, and they all posed for a group photo in front of the house! I was sorry I missed all that!

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