I Don’t Get It


OK – here’s the beautiful Beau Rivage casino in Biloxi, MS – rebuilt to surpass its former glory within a few short months after Hurricane Katrina. Total Biloxi casino revenues during the month of December 2007 were over $78,000,000.




Conversely, here’s a local beachfront business literally a few lots down the street, as it looks 2-1/2 years after Katrina.









Here’s a family’s home along that same street – someone grew up here, lived their lives here. Annual per capita personal income in Mississippi was about $26,000 in 2006, the lowest of any state in the US (as it was pre-Katrina as well).



And here’s what the Mississippi and Federal governments are doing about it.

Maybe I do understand this after all… (hint: $$$$)

But here’s what you and I can do to help!

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