Another milestone

That's a lot of driving in 5 years

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4 thoughts on “Another milestone

  1. Yikes. Have you considered commuting? Is that an option? My miles were out in orbit when I just didn't want to use trains from former town. Now I do, and I LOVE it. I don't know you're city/town infrastructure. But it saves $, gas, etc. and you can cut your mileage in 1/2 for the next 5!! :)))

  2. I'd love to be able to take public transport, but we live in a fairly rural community, and my business is in a different rural community 30 miles away. But that is why, when we moved our company 5 years ago (and my commute doubled), I replaced my minivan with a Civic hybrid that gets 50 mpg. So I figure I've saved about 4,000 gallons of gas vs what it would've been. But still, if I didn't need to be in the office to run the company, I'd probably telecommute some days -several of my employees do that due to their distance from the office.

  3. Great points. Great on hybrid. I totally understand the dilemma of lack of public transportation. Lucky you for being a business owner/entrepreneur. I do love telecommuting when I can. Baggy sweats, do laundry while on conference calls, and just get a respite from the high intensity interrupt-mode office. I assume there are reasons for moving bz 30 miles away. But in the end, sounds like you built a life according to your dreams. If only we all could :))

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