Does this make me more of a geek?

So I tried the new (to me, anyway) thing on Giant Eagle's website where you can create a personalized shopping list, either by typing items, or choosing them off of lists of previous shopping trips (which of course they know from my "Advantage card"), or clicking on weekly specials, or on items they've "selected" as things I would like (which they're correct about), or items that are needed for recipes I might have chosen (which I didn't). Then it sorts it by category before printing, so as to make my shopping trip more efficient! It was actually pretty cool, and I really did feel that I was more organized. ;-b

PS – today was the first time I saw someone other than myself using cloth bags at our local store. Woot for them!

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One thought on “Does this make me more of a geek?

  1. Cloth bags are all the "go" in Oz. For the past couple of years I have brought back with me the "green bag" from Woolworths. Even more fabulous than their green bag is their liquor bag (also on the linked site) – when I go into the liquor store with these everyone is impressed! I feel almost superior putting my wine into them.

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