Spring is springing

This evening's run/walk (mostly running this time) was the trail at Brush Creek Park. I think the next time I'll try to remember to bring the GPS so I can measure the distance, but I think it's somewhere around 3 miles, with rough-ish terrain in parts. I didn't bring my cell for pics, but it was really nice today - 70 degrees, and no leaves yet to block the springtime sun. And it smelled sooo good: fresh mud, the rushing stream (which has a very unique smell in a wooded valley), and all the little springtime plants starting to emerge on the woodland floor and in the open spaces - chives, solomon's seal, cress, grasses, mustard, and all sorts of other things I don't know the names of. I kept having to stop just to take some deep breaths of Springtime!

[Aha, I'd never been to the park's website till I was adding this link. I see there's a trail map, with distances, so my Creek Trail hike/run out and back is about 2.5 miles, since I see I haven't been starting at the beginning. And I had no idea there was a "West Trail". I'll have to try that next time, maybe on a weekend since it's longer – I don't know if I can wait for dinner that long :-)  ]

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