Vista DreamScenes

Here's a piece of my new desktop background, courtesy of Vista DreamScenes. Of course, you can't get the full effect, because I've only "snipped" it (have I mentioned how much I love the Snipping Tool in Vista?) – but it's a constantly flowing stream right on my desktop! How fun! It doesn't seem to be taking up all that much memory or CPU time either (on a laptop with 2G memory and 2 GHz processor). Time will tell, though.

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One thought on “Vista DreamScenes

  1. alas! dreamscene is for Vista Ultimates only!
    i supposed MS figured those using Vista Business would be so busy with their work, these group of people would not even notice anything on the desktop!
    i tried the Stardock, Deskscapes for a trial, looks good, but with my usage pattern, i hardly go to the desktop, heck, i already have a wallpaper changer in place which i don't take notice much!
    i had uninstall the deskscapes since i didn't want to pay, and i encounter issues with it when resuming from Sleep/Hibernation mode.

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