Australia Street Guest House

We stayed for two nights in Newtown, Sydney, at the Australia St Guest House. We again chose a room that had an extra bed, this time in a sort of suite arrangement. With the extra room it was A$160, which isn't bad for a major city. This is an older house, so the floorplan was rather odd. You went up the long stairs to a landing where there was a nice selection of books and brochures about Sydney. Straight ahead was a little common breakfast nook (an electric kettle, fridge, jar of cookies, packets of coffee etc), and through that a common bathroom. To the right at the top of the stair were some other rooms, in which some Asian visitors were just settling when we arrived, and to a sharp left was another short flight of steps to our "extra" room, shown here.

It had a foldout sofabed, and shelves full of interesting books. Around to the right in this picture you went up a step into the actual bedroom, and then you could also exit that room on the other side to get back to the landing and bathroom again. I think I may have some of that described wrong – it was a little confusing, as old houses usually are. There were lots of cool decorations from our hosts' trips around the world (she's a photojournalist). There was no breakfast here (other than the availability of biscuits and tea and so on), but there was free wireless internet, and I could use the laundry room downstairs in the hosts' living area. And the location was very good, just a few short blocks to King Street and the Newtown train station, and tons of shops and restaurants.

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