Thai for lunch

Before going grocery shopping in Tenleytown, Alex and I wanted some lunch. He suggested a sushi place on Wisconsin, but when we got there we found they were closed for remodeling, so we decided instead to go to Neisha Thai. We had been there once before, for dinner, and had enjoyed it. Here, I'm having Spring Roll, which I've never seen presented quite this way – pretty! Very tasty too. The drink is ginger-lemon iced tea, really gingery. Alex is having a calamari appetizer, and then he had Pad Thai (a lunch special). For dessert, I decided to see what taro custard was like; the answer is that it's delicious! It was a square of very sweet custard, almost a bread-like texture, with sort of a slight crust on top. A little flan-like, I guess I would say.Alex had a fried banana with coconut ice cream, which he said was also very good.


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2 thoughts on “Thai for lunch

  1. I used to live only a few blocks from this restaurant!! (back when I lived on the good side of town LOL). Loved their food! What did you think of the funky fake rock?

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