Baked polenta

At il piccolo forno in Lawrenceville. Toppings are: cherry tomatoes with balsamico, gorgonzola, and a mushroom spread, plus artichoke hearts and olives. Very tasty! (although the mushroom one was a little on the bland side)

For dessert, I had a limoncello tartufo, which was a limoncello center surrounded by lemon gelato, and some raspberry sauce drizzled over it… yummy! Also a cappuccino.

Great place! I hadn't been to this new location yet…


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6 thoughts on “Baked polenta

  1. It was very good! Interesting how languages often sound the same even if they're not written the same… I can understand miam miam is the same as yum yum, just from the sound when you say it aloud 🙂

  2. Not too bad for the city… this dish was $7 (it was actually an appetizer on the menu, but plenty for a lunch for me), and our total bill for two people for lunch and desserts was about $31.

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