Beautiful day in Munich

Monday we had a full day to spend in Munich, so after a scrumptious breakfast at our hotel (which unfortunately I forgot to photograph), we headed out to walk the 2 km through the back streets of the city to the Deutsches Museum, which is located on a island in the Isar River. We wandered around the (very extensive) museum for over 3 hours (some photos above), and then walked back to the Victualienmarkt (an open air market place) for some lunch.

First we got some freshly made juices at a juice stand, then found a nice little cafe to sit down for a late lunch, served by a really cute & perky waitress. Asparagus (Spargel, the thick white kind) was just in season, so we tried some Spargelsuppe – accompanied by some Weissbier, of course, and then house-made cakes and coffee, and then we just sat in the sunshine for a while and soaked in the Munich weekday busy-ness.

After lunch, we followed our street map to a little botanical garden, and then stopped for gelato at a place we’d noticed near the train station. Yes, it’s true we’d recently eaten cake for lunch, and then had no actual dinner. What of it? 🙂


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