Hotel Monaco

We stayed two nights in Munich at the Hotel Monaco, just a couple blocks from the main train station, which is about a 40-minute train ride from the airport, but then within walking distance of the center of the city. We were a little unsure when we saw that there was a casino and a strip club nearby, but the hotel is up on the 5th & 6th floors of an apartment/office building, and was actually surprisingly quiet at night. We had a very comfortable room, recently renovated, a comfortable bed, free WiFi, and sun streaming in the windows.

Our hostesses were so nice and helpful, and I was very happy to meet them after corresponding on Twitter about the free night’s stay I had won in their monthly lottery! And the 8€ breakfast buffet was truly delicious and very generous for such a small hotel – this photo from their website is exactly as good as it looked in real life! Highly recommended. 75€ for a double room, + breakfast, very reasonable and worthwhile for a big city (note: cash only, as we’ve found is the case with many things in Germany).


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