Our bags are packed…

Fridge cleaned out except for apples & carrots: check.

Dishes washed & dishwasher cleaned out: check.

Knife removed from my purse: check! (not making that mistake again…)

Itineraries printed: check.

Contact info to family, neighbors notified: check.

Most of my work caught up, at least enough to get away for a bit: check.

Swimsuit, sunblock, beach towel: check. Neener neener, you people in 40-degree November weather  🙂

Passports: CHECK (thanks, Carrie!)

OFF. WE. GO.   !!!!

[Edit:  Travel visa for Australia: NOT checked! Didn't know about that one… hadn't occurred to me to check! Luckily, the nice United ticketing agent in Pittsburgh caught that we didn't have them, and she was able to get us each an electronic one pretty quickly via internet – whew! Otherwise we wouldn't have gotten to go! I got her name so I can write to her supervisor to compliment her superior service.]

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3 thoughts on “Our bags are packed…

  1. Don't forget to put a copy of your itinerary in your bags so that they can catch up to you if they get delayed on the way.
    Have a fabulous time! I know you are going to!

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